top 10 mattress in bangladesh

Top 10 Mattress Brand in Bangladesh

There are many mattress brands in Bangladesh. Here you can get an idea about Bangladeshi top brand mattress. Now Lets know about all top brand.

 Karmo Mattress

karmo mattress

Karmo is a reliable & popular mattress brand in Bangladesh. Since 1965 they produce quality products for the market of Bangladesh. They have a lot of mattress raw materials to ensure smooth production. Karmo import raw materials from the renowned multinational company. They usage latest technology machine for each production line. They are able to produce mattress according to the customer’s demand. They always ready to give good quality products for each customer satisfaction. Karmo has more than 250 dealers & sales point all over Bangladesh.

karmo mattress brand in bangladesh

Karmo Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Spring Mattress Local & Foreing
02 Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing
03 Eco Mattress Local & Foreing

Karmo different types of mattresses are being used as per user need. Karmo orthopedic mattresses are being used to release back pain & healthy backbone. Eco mattress is being used as comfortable & long last bed wears. Karmo Spring mattress is unique for comfort.


 Swan Mattress

swan mattress in Bangladesh

Swan is one of the most popular mattress brand in Bangladesh. Since last 33 years, they produce mattress with the reputation in Bangladesh. Swan imports their raw materials from Germany & USA. They always evaluate the customer’s needs for satisfactions & provide the best quality mattress. Swan Mattress has 13 own showrooms, more than 100 agents & 1400 retail customers in all over Bangladesh.

swan mattress brands in bangladesh

Swan Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Re-Bonded Mattress Local & Foreing
02 Coir Mattress Local & Foreing
03 Pocket Spring Mattress Local & Foreing
04 Felt Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing
05 Natural Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing
06 Super Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing
07 Comfort Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing
08 Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing
09 Bonnell Spring Mattress Local & Foreing
10 Standard Orthopedic Mattress Local & Foreing

Swan Spring Mattress produces by origin raw materials such as Steel, spring, Coir Sheet, Cotton Felt etc. Swan Re-bond Mattress make by a re-bonded sheet which is a little bit hard.  It is very effective for human body. Sometimes doctors advice for use this mattress.Swan orthopedic mattress produce by cotton felt sheet, quilted fabrics, a day’s back pain is a common problem. An orthopedic mattress is the best solution for back pain. Doctor Always advise to using the orthopedic mattress.


 Akhtar Mattress

akhter mattress in bangladesh

Akther is one of the best Mattress Brand in Bangladesh. Since 2009 Akhter is supplying best quality mattress in the Bangladeshi local market. They produce quality products by latest technology machinery which imported from Germany, Italy & Taiwan. Akhter always provides best quality products for their customer satisfaction.


 Apex Mattress

apex mattress in bangladesh

Apex is another popular Mattress brand in Bangladesh. Apex started since 1982. Apex is the leading mattress manufacturer in Bangladesh. Apex has a brand which is familier with Sleep Time. Apex produce mattress with superior durability for customer’s demand. The brand ensures a good night sleep & overcome sleep disruption for the customer. They have different types of mattress which are made for customer satisfaction. The customer can order any custom size of a mattress. Apex mattress gives guarantee for each mattress. Apex provides free home delivery inside in Dhaka. It takes one or two days to deliver outside with charge.

Pillow in Bangladesh

apex mattress

Apex Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Orthocare Felt Medicated Local & Foreing
02 Standard Re-bonded Local & Foreing
03 Sleep Time spring Fairy Local & Foreing
04 Pillow Top Local & Foreing
05 Memory Foam Local & Foreing
06 Nature Touch Coir Local & Foreing
07 Sleep Time Divan Local & Foreing

Apex memory foam mattress price given below:

Size In Inch
Price Per Cft
Length Width Height TK. 1600
84 72 4 22400
84 66 4 20533
84 60 4 18667
84 48 4 14933
84 42 4 13067
81 66 4 19800
81 48 4 14400
81 42 4 12600
78 66 4 19067
78 60 4 17333
78 48 4 13867
78 36 4 10400


 Euroasia Mattress

Euroasia mattress in bangladesh

Euroasia felt mattress established in 2005.This is one of the most familier mattress brand in Bangladesh.who provide best quality mattress & maintaining the international standard. They produce mattress by an automatic machine which imported from USA Germany & Spain. Euroasia has a factory which is on 100 bighas of land with 115000 sft covered area. They have highly skilled and professional teams are working to satisfy the customer. They have the capacity to produce 1200 mattress per day. There are different types of mattress & size. Price depends on which mattress & size want to buy a customer. They also export mattress Europe, Australia, Sweden, and Canada. Euroasia has 9 own Showroom in Dhaka & Chittagong.

euroasia mattress brands in bangladesh

Euroasia Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Euro Memory Local & Foreing
02 Euro Orthopedic Local & Foreing
03 Euro Paragon Local & Foreing
04 Euro 2in1 Local & Foreing
05 Euro Relax Local & Foreing
06 Euro Bed Master Local & Foreing
07 Euro Bonnel Spring Local & Foreing
08 Ero Pocket Spring Local & Foreing
09 Euro Dream Mattress Local & Foreing
10 Euro Vip Latex Orthopedic Local & Foreing
11 Euro Vip Bonnel Spring Local & Foreing


 Bengal Mattress

Bengle mattress in Bangladesh

Bengal is a largest mattress Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh. Since 1980 they supply product in the market with advanced technology. Bengal provides the quality mattress which is very comfortable, anti-allergic and easy care. They have different types of mattresses with different price Such as Spring mattress, Coir Mattress, Felt Mattress.

bengle mattress brands in bangladesh

Bengal Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Bengal Orthopedic Local & Foreing
02 Bengal Medicated Local & Foreing
03 Bengal Health Care Local & Foreing
04 Bengal Spring Local & Foreing
05 Bengal Mobile Local & Foreing


 Comfy Mattress

comfy mattress in bangladesh

Now a day’s comfy is a best popular mattress brand in Bangladesh. Comfy is a sister concern of RFL. They are an immensely dependable mattress manufacturer in Bangladesh. Comfy produces reliable products for the customer satisfaction. So day by day their market is growing for customer demand. Comfy has many types of mattress which provide as per customer need. Customers can get a comfy mattress from regal furniture showroom all over Bangladesh.

comfy mattress brands in bangladesh

Comfy Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Comfy Ultra Soft Local & Foreing
02 Comfy Medipadic Local & Foreing
03 Comfy Natural Local & Foreing
04 Comfy Touch Local & Foreing
05 Comfy Medipadic Pillow Top Local & Foreing
06 Comfy Natural Pillow Top Local & Foreing
07 Comfy Touch Pillow Top Local & Foreing


 Champion Mattress

champion amttress in bangladesh

Champion mattress is new in mattress manufacture industry. They started from 2015. They have a strong and professional team who improves their product quality for customer satisfies. Already Champion has been well known in Bangladesh, by their passion and use of latest technology. They have a particular quality in the orthopedic mattress which is certified by an orthopedic doctor. Champion also exports their products in Malaysia, Qatar, Oman and many other countries.

Champion Mattress Types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Luxury Spring Local & Foreing
02 Orthopedic Local & Foreing
03 Natural Mattress Local & Foreing
04 Bed Mattress Local & Foreing


 Serta Mattress

serta mattress in bangladesh

Serta is a USA based mattress manufacturer. It’s an international mattress brand. They have many distributors all over the world. Serta comes in Bangladesh in 2015. Serta provides international standard bedding products throughout Bangladesh. They have different types of mattress.

Serta mattress types:

SL Brand Category Cloth
01 Pillowtop Local & Foreing
02 Opulence Local & Foreing
03 Perfect Luxury Local & Foreing
04 Zenith Local & Foreing
05 Crescent Moon Local & Foreing
06 Moonglow Local & Foreing
07 Paramount Local & Foreing


 Sealy Mattress

sealy mattress in bangladesh

Sealy is a well known international Mattress brand. This is the largest North American bedding manufacturer. They supply  products throughout the world such as Malaysia, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, New Zealand and many other countries. In 2012 Sealy comes in India. Finally, 2017 Sealy enters in Bangladesh.

sealy mattress in bangladesh

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